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Luxury Bed & Breakfast, B&B, Wolsey Lodge style

The Wolsey Lodge will usually have two or three bedrooms available for visitors. All rooms have en suite or private bathrooms but some may only have a shower or a bath (please check when booking). If you are travelling with friends or relatives and are happy to share a bathroom with them, then your host/hostess may be able to accommodate you. (It is worth asking, if the Wolsey Lodge of your choice is otherwise fully booked.) Alternatively your hosts may be able to help you arrange accommodation for large parties at several closely located Lodges - so just ask.

Bedrooms are delightful, some definitely luxurious. Most beds have duvets, but sheets and blankets are usually available if preferred.

In recent years the collection has been enriched with Wolsey Lodges that were perhaps not simply homes. Those pages where the headings are in green set out details of Wolsey Lodge where the owners have identified themselves as offering something a little different. These Lodges are also indentified in green in the Index in the printed brochure. Whatever differences there are, all Wolsey Lodges remain very much under the personal supervision of their owners and offer the highest standards of hospitality.


Most Wolsey Lodges welcome children, although some state a minimum age. If children are welcome this is indicated by a symbol, together with the age restriction if applicable. It is very possible that young children will not be allowed in the dining room to dine with guests, but your hostess may provide a suitable meal at an earlier time for them. Hostesses may help, too, with your baby, providing a cot and the use of the kitchen to warm bottles and baby food. If in any doubt, ask when making your reservation. Check, too, about price reductions for children.


You will find three symbols in the Lodges' entries that denote their policy on dogs and/or pets at their house. The Lodges does not have dogs/pets (does not take guests' dogs) symbol denotes that the house has no animals in it and does not take guests' dogs either. The Lodge had dogs/pets of their own (does not take guests' dogs) symbol denotes that the Lodge has their own pets in the house but does not take guests' dogs. Finally if you want to take your own dog(s) with you then please look for the Dogs welcome by special advance arrangement only symbol. IMPORTANT NOTE: Even where this symbol appears, guests must discuss their requirements at the time of booking, as each Lodge will have their own policy about where in the house guests' pets can be taken - some Lodges do not allow dogs in the house and instead have kennels outside.


In line with ‘no smoking’ legislation in England, Scotland and Wales, all Wolsey Lodge accommodation is ‘smoke free’ with the majority of houses showing a red "no smoking" symbol which indicates that it is a No Smoking House. However, a small number of Wolsey Lodge show a blue smoking" symbol which means that whilst all rooms used by guests are totally smoke free, smoking may occur in other, private parts of the house.