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Dinner & Drinks at Wolsey Lodges

A long held tradition for Wolsey Lodge bed and breakfast hosts is to offer their guests dinner at some point during their stay. Whilst for many Wolsey Lodges this tradition holds strong, the changing needs of guests mean that some will offer just a light supper, whilst others do not offer evening meals at all, but instead have a veritable array of nearby restaurants, bistros and bars to recommend to their guests.

Often you will eat at a table with other guests and in some Wolsey Lodges the host and hostess may dine with you. A few Wolsey Lodges have separate tables. Hostesses, and some hosts too, take pride in their cooking and in creating a friendly dinner party atmosphere. Cooking standards are high with an emphasis on the use of fresh local ingredients.

The number of courses served varies. As a general rule, the higher the price, the more elaborate the dinner! Your hostess will need to know in advance if you want to dine on the night of your arrival (at least 24 hours notice), and whether you have any particular dislikes or dietary restrictions, but remember that the essence of staying at a Wolsey Lodge is to enjoy personal hospitality and the cooking of the house! Sometimes it is possible to order a light supper rather than dinner, but this will depend on other guests. Your host/hostess will not usually be able to cope with two styles of evening meal. It is unusual for Wolsey Lodges to offer dinner every night of the week so please check on booking.

Some Wolsey Lodges are licensed to sell alcoholic drinks (look for the Licensed in their entry) so lingering late over a final glass of fine port or aged brandy is not unusual. Prices for wine are generally as you would expect them to be in a pub and if the Lodge is not licensed, please check with your hosts about bringing your own drink. This is indicated by the Bring Your Own Wine symbol in their entry.