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Reserve your luxury bed and breakfast

Staying at a Wolsey Lodge luxury bed and breakfast, B&B, is totally different to staying at a hotel and much of what makes a stay truly enjoyable comes from discussing your proposed visit with your hosts.

Reservations are made directly with the Wolsey Lodge of your choice, either by telephone (which gives you the chance to check all of the details properly and ensure that you have chosen the right bed and breakfast, B&B, Lodge for your individual needs) or by this website. You can make a booking enquiry to the Wolsey Lodge by completing the 'Booking Enquiry' form or by e-mail to the hosts. The individual Wolsey Lodge will then contact you to progress your booking.

Booking is essential at all Wolsey Lodges as most will not accept guests without a pre-arranged booking.

Your hosts will often ask for a non-refundable deposit to secure your bed and breakfast accommodation booking, with the balance of payment due on departure at the end of your stay. Always try to book in advance. Most hosts prefer not to accept unannounced guests, they would prefer to know about your visit in advance and to know what time you plan to arrive.

This is particularly important if you are arriving after 7pm or are delayed on your journey, as meals are usually served at a set time, not on 'demand' as in a restaurant.


Prices shown within the Lodge information panels are per person per night based on shared occupancy and include a generous breakfast. An extra charge is often made for the use of a double room as a single, (shown as 'Single supplement' or 'Single Occupancy'). Where there is a price variance, Wolsey Lodges Ltd cannot be held responsible for any problem that may arise. Sometimes reduced rates are available for extended stays - please check when booking. Prices are inclusive of VAT where applicable. Wolsey Lodges do not make a service charge. Most Lodges accept credit cards, but may add a small percentage (3-5%) to your bill to cover the commission.


If you have to cancel your booking please remember that a contract exists between you and the Wolsey Lodge that you have made your booking with. The Lodge will always try to re-let the cancelled accommodation but your deposit will not normally be refunded due to the administration costs of making the initial booking and the re-booking.

Wolsey Lodges recommend that all Lodges have a cancellation policy if they cannot re-let the accommodation you have booked. Unless the individual Lodge has stated differently, you will be liable for 30% of the total charge if you cancel within 28 days of the start of your visit, 60% within 13 days and 80% if you cancel within 48 hours.

Some Lodges may have their own cancellation policies that differ from this, therefore it is always advisable to check at the time of booking.

We do not operate a cancellation insurance scheme and strongly recommend that you take out your own appropriate cover.

Book a Bed Ahead

Your host will be happy to make an onward booking to another Wolsey Lodge at no charge, but when possible would prefer this to be in the evening to avoid the breakfast-time rush.

Leaving your room

You will normally be expected to vacate your room by 11am at the latest on your day of departure.