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Arriving at your Wolsey Lodge

Staying at a Wolsey Lodge luxury B&B means staying in some of Britain's finest unique homes (and some in France too) and it is a different experience to staying in a hotel. Luxury bed and breakfast is assured and it is very personal care that you receive. Every Wolsey Lodge is different and this unique quality means they do not have a night porter or room service chefs on call as you might expect from a hotel.

To make your stay as smooth as possible, always advise your host when booking of an estimated time of arrival. Also, talk to them about your dining requirements, where appropriate.

The home cooked food means hosts only do one sitting for dinner. If you are going to be too late for dining, that is not usually a problem; there may be the option of a light supper, or sometimes the hosts can recommend and even book a restaurant or good pub. The choice is yours!

Remember, too, that you are staying in a home, so your hosts may be out during the day and will not normally expect to greet you before 4pm at the earliest, unless you have made special arrangements. On arrival it is a good idea to ring the bell as you do at a home, rather than walk in as you would at a hotel.

During Your Stay

If you are staying for a number of days, your hosts will still expect you to be out for most of the day as many of them will have work or shopping to do and will not have staff to attend to you in their absence. However, some are happy for you to spend your days around the Lodge to use the pool, tennis courts or perhaps to go walking, but please check this with your hosts carefully.