Become a Wolsey Lodge - The Benefits

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The Benefits

What do we do for you?

Produce an attractive, effective and commercial high quality brochure of the complete Wolsey Lodge collection, incorporating within that a whole page feature on your property details.

Utilise the ever growing database of approximately 50,000 guests, which is constantly being updated and targeted with relevant business development activities to promote and increase bednights. This includes activities such as accommodation promotions, communication bulletins and even promotion of individual houses and events.

Provide a full and comprehensive marketing and PR plan devised and developed by key market consultants, to get exposure in key media publications to target the right audience. Example of recent exposure is The Times, Specified Travel media and glossy magazines such as Country Life. The objective is to generate increased distribution of the brochure and website details for increased exposure for the Wolsey Lodges collection of houses, which in turn increases enquiries and bookings, which are passed direct to the Lodges.

Provide a website development programme, which is not only technically advanced allowing customers to buy brochures and vouchers, it also allows guests to make reservations enquiries on-line, easily and quickly.

Provide a website which is constantly involved in a search engine optimisation programme which makes sure the right people find, book and stay with you and ensure we have associate links with relevant businesses and services.

Provide and communicate market information on the market and guidelines to support your business.

A great return on your membership investment.

A good tax efficient income for minimum investment.

A great way to meet interesting people.

A flexible schedule of work time, you decide when you want to!

Every Wolsey Lodge will receive a supply of brochures (free of charge) for circulation.