Become a Wolsey Lodge - The Details

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The Details

If you do join Wolsey Lodges you need to understand that you are investing not just for the year you join, but also for the years ahead. Experience has shown us that in the first year bookings for new members will probably be slow, but that in 2 - 3 years time, life can become quite hectic! You can join Wolsey Lodges at any time during the year, for a reduced subscription by being entered onto our website until such time as the full membership subscription becomes due.

Market Information

The Council can only spend your subscriptions wisely if they have accurate information on our overall business performance. From time to time you will be asked for essential market information such as:

    Total bednights; Wolsey Lodge bednights; overseas bednights; repeat business bednights; bookings via website; bookings via the brochure.

Registration Cards

Guest details are required to be recorded by law. This can be done in various ways and one which we can recommend, is a registration card, which can be filled in by the guests. A sample will be given to you by one of our Inspectors. These will help you to gather the information that you need.


All members must have a telephone and e-mail.

Credit Cards/Electronic Terminal

It is strongly recommended that all members accept credit and debit cards. It is the normal method of payment for the majority of guests, especially those from overseas and it enables the members to hold a deposit in case of 'no shows'! Wolsey Lodges have a special rate for clearing through Barclays Merchant Services. Details can be obtained from the office.

General Information

Members are expected to host bona fide accredited travel writers if requested (no more than once every couple of years). Each member is totally responsible for meeting all current legislation, e.g. Fire Regulations, Liquor Licenses, Public Health, and Disability Act etc. Members must have appropriate Public Liability insurance and details of insurance brokers can be obtained from the office. Wolsey Lodges Ltd is a Company Limited by Guarantee - each member is a joint owner whose maximum liability is £5.00 should the Company be wound up for any reason. There are 10 administrative areas, each represented by a Council Member or Area Representative. Area meetings are arranged (usually around November) to enable members to share experiences and provide an input into the development of future marketing policies. These are a lot of fun, an opportunity to meet fellow members, accompanied by an excellent informal lunch.

Wolsey Lodges Abroad

Wolsey Lodge hosts in France must be fluent English speakers and provide the same quality of home hospitality as their UK colleagues.

Quality Control

As a Wolsey Lodge it is expected that you will have a high standard of housekeeping and that rooms will be attractive and inviting. We have certain required standards and details of these will be discussed and supplied by our Inspectors. Most hosts or hostesses are good cooks as breakfast and dinner are important parts of the Wolsey Lodge experience. We also encourage the use of local fresh produce. On approval of your application one of our Inspectors will make arrangements to visit you, usually for dinner and an overnight stay; but occasionally during the day and stay for lunch. This is part of your inspection fee, which is £100 + VAT for for UK.