30 Years of timeless hospitality

Wolsey Lodges began as a concept, mapped out by the founder Procter Naylor.

He felt that an Englishman’s home, with its grandeur and rural splendour had more to offer than just B&B, it could be an experience. Guests were welcomed as if family and friends, wined and dined with like-minded company, be it with the host themselves or other guests.

The name Wolsey Lodge was inspired by Henry VIII’s Lord Chancellor, Cardinal Wolsey. He toured the realm in the 16th Century, during which he received generous hospitality at country houses along his way.

Throughout the 1990s and early 2000’s Wolsey Lodges reached a great popularity across the world with an international audience and lodges across the UK and the continent. 

To this day, Wolsey Lodges continues to source the finest lodgings and hosts. All are inspected before full membership is offered, to ensure quality, service, and accommodation that our loyal guests have come to associate with the brand.

We are committed to connecting guests and hosts, utilising technology within our website, expanding our social media presence and expanding into self-catering accommodation. We invest in our Lodges providing them with the tailored advice, help, and support to help their business grow.

The company remains a non-profit owned by its members, all of whom are shareholders. We have a dedicated Council who oversee the management of Wolsey Lodges and continue to uphold the spirit with which it was founded.

The First Brochure

The first brochure was published with 13 lodges, mainly in Suffolk.

Wosley Lodges Officially Incorporated

On the 5th of May Wolsey Lodges was officially incorporated, Procter Naylor was elected as first chairman.

239 Lodges across England and France

There were 239 lodges across the UK and France listed in the yearly brochure. This came about by word of mouth and at a time when a number of owners of substantial houses, having suffered from consequences of the Lloyds Insurance crash, felt a need to make their homes a source of income.

Procter Naylor Stepped Down

Procter Naylor stepped down as Chair. The council pledged to maintain the aim of providing a unique standard of welcome and hospitality.

The First Website

 The first Wolsey Lodge website went live

International Brochure

The brochure covered the UK, France, Spain and Italy.

Website Re-Design

The website was re-designed to reflect the layout of the brochure.

A new council

After a failed merger in November of 2016 due to a decline in membership, a new council was formed.

Our Plan

With its new website, marketing plan and fresh look at hospitality in a world of Internet, Mobile Phones and Social Media. Wolsey Lodges will maintain its pre-eminence and continue its excellent service to both guests and members.


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